Custom Software for Custom Manufacturers

Web-based MRP production management solution for manufacturers of custom and semi-custom products


  • Contact and Vendor Management
  • Track new Leads with follow up dates and next action items
  • Custom Tag system for generating unique reports
  • Low-clutter UI unlike those “other guys”

Inventory Management

  • Automatic live updates of onhand quantities based on current allocations
  • Going paperless is nothing to fear, save hundreds, if not thousands of man hours
  • Barcoding, RFIDs, and EDI integration customized for your needs

Production Scheduling

  • Intelligent auto-scheduling based on time, employee availability, and current order load
  • Allocates based on scheduled dates and workstation processes
  • Fully integrate your schedule with every area of SlimApps

Employee Timeclock

  • Never ask what job is next again – queued job list for easy lookup of tasks
  • Aligns with automatic production scheduling to provide top-down integration — from Manager to Floor Staff


  • Display data is needed to enable you to make critical business decisions
  • Reports are customizable – enable automatic emailing when thresholds are hit
  • Quickly see upcoming shipdates to prevent missed deliveries
  • See what areas of your business need to be optimized and improved upon

Custom Product Builder

  • Reduce duplicate product entries
  • Unique attribute system to allow rapidly built products that scales with your product line
  • Multiple sizes and colors? Forget multiple SKUs, this is the future of Custom Manufacturing

Production Scheduling

  • Employee work center assignment
  • Uses employee shift times and availability
  • Automatically prioritizes jobs based on ship date and other variables

Coulee Techlink Inc & SlimApps


Our company set out to create the best tech solutions for production management in the world — bringing unmatched customer service with innovative solutions to a changing technical environment. Having a decade of manufacturing and business experience coupled with passion for solutions that are easy to use, we set out to help businesses simplify complicated data management problems. Our hope is to bring big data to small businesses.

Almost a decade later, that vision and passion has birthed our solution. SlimApps helps companies easily and effectively move data from the production floor to the executive branch with as few clicks and interactions as possible. As our clients find new or more effective ways of moving that data we customize the software to become even more efficient.

Our long term goal is to spread the good word of SlimApps and help even more companies escape the monotonous drudgery of slow, bloated processes and outdated software — becoming a change agent to empower businesses to ‘Upgrade from Ordinary.’

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   PO Box 280, Holmen WI 54636


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